Monday, April 16, 2012

Don't just buy it, own it! How to brand yourself with your advertising.

Advertising is not just about where you are seen, it's more about creating ownership. I'm going to own this medium, this time period and my message in the minds of the consumers. Everyone has a small list of providers they think of for any given product. Your goal should be to OWN that real estate in the mind of every potential buyer by what you say and where it is seen. If your competitor owns a piece of the market than you MUST create a Hot Spot in the mind of the consumer. If they own price then you own something else in order to compete. If they have more money to spend than you narrow what you own. Great example... McDonald's owns the fast food Dollar Menu,
so Subway has to create value in what they can do affordably. Insert the $5 Footlong. Now does Subway make a profit on the footlong? No, they make money on the drink and chips you will inevitably add to your purchase. Of course you don't think of that, you think of the savings you get from the $5 footlong.
What does that equal... ding, ding, a new file in the consumers mind. It's not about more spending, it's about OWNERSHIP! When you find a way to brand your business with something unique then you don't just buy ad time... you own it! Discover 3 distinct ways you can brand yourself with your advertising right away by contacting Cory Bowler, Local Sales Manager for KLTV, at (903) 510-7710 or you can e-mail me

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